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A YouTube video interpretation of Barrack Obama's history. Some truth, some not? Post your own thoughts...

YouTube Comments Excerpts:
  • The President of the United States banned this video but it is still on YouTube. Barack Hussein Obama was not born anywhere. Obama has never been seen in the past, by anyone who wasn't there at the time. Obama has been known to carry on conversations with people who are known deviants. Obama continues to leave out parts of his past in biographies written by third parties. If you see this man, you should run in fear.
  • This is Republican propaganda intent on distorting facts and making assumptions appear as fact. The truth is, most of this video is a lie posing at truth. it's something that the right wing started during George Bush 2 presidency. The notion that if you repeat a lie often enough, it magically becomes truth and everyone will believe it. Sadly, it really works
  • After watching 2016 you will understand why Barack Obama sat for two decades as a faithful member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church, why he has made it more difficult for America to compete globally, why he has given the cold shoulder to "colonial powers" like our ally Britain, why he has embarked an ambitious program to dismantle America's nuclear arsenal, and why he wants to end America's superpower status once and for all.
  • To me, stopping the loss of 750,000 jobs and month, the nation gaining jobs for the past 2 and a half years, and the unemployment steadily declining, and 32 million more Americans with health insurance are where we should be on our way to 2016! But for some people (aka, Conservative Republicans) I guess thats a bad thing!
  • What source did he use to get the Presidents SSI # ? I think the author of this crap has some major personal issues. I see some of informatiion was fact, but most was just simply allegations. Until you have some EVIDINCE that proves this theory keep it to yourself because spreading this with no resources to back yourself up only makes you look a FOOL.
  • obama will burn in hell like the garbage he is . I did not vote for this devil!! wake up america he wants to send your SOULS to hell !!!! our savior wants to help you JESUS is the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please - Dear Americans, Socialism is NOT the same as Communism. Socialism is still a viable and humane system whereas Communism is a failed ideology.

    Growing up in a strong socialist environment is in NO WAY to compare with growing up in a Communist state. We had a brilliant socialist society in England until Thatcher and her Free Market Economy turned us into nothing but arms manufacturers.

    Unfettered Capitalism is going to eat itself ... quite soon with any luck.
  • Bullshit.The interviewer was a man named Ron McRae, who was posing as a missionary named 'Father Tom'. He set up the interview and then edited the results to make it appear as if Obama's Step-grandmother said she was present at his birth in Kenya. Luckily, the unedited version is available online and you can see that she is speaking of the birth of Obama's father. Later in the interview, she states that the President was born in Hawaii. You should really try to learn the facts before posting.
  • none of this really matters cuz he's not making it again this year... looser had his chance,failed miserably. and for all the liberals out there he truly will be known as the worst president in the US history. so you can join him in the worste decision the country ever made. I see all these numbers people are posting on here about who spent and who has how much. Mitt is a very succesful business man. he is rich. and you know what. good for him!
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