"Somebody need to pay for my 15 kids"

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Postby Gary Triplett » Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:33 pm

"Somebody need to pay for my 15 kids"

WHAT?!??!?! :roll:

Some opinions found with this YouTube video:

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asugodfather 1 day ago
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joshblackett5 22 hours ago
Get off you ass and get a job bitch
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thebruceshow 2 minutes ago
Obama seems so concerned about the guy who only paid 150 thousand in taxes last year of earned income, but says nothing about the self entitled family who recieves 150 thousand dollars a year in unearned income, who made a coinscience desicion to let the system pay her? While the father sells drugs on the side?? What was this guy arrested for again??
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TheImustbemotoday 28 minutes ago
ppl like that, making the world fall apart
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duzak78 55 minutes ago
15 more future dem voters.
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smithwez1101 56 minutes ago
Someone just needs to set a fire to that place. BTW, I see that her lips are able to work, I'm sure she could put those to some use.
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MiddleClassHeroes985 1 hour ago
Dumb slut.
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kmaerke 1 hour ago
The kids look like they couldnt be 9 months apart. This woman is a factory?
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kemartinec 1 hour ago
I guess we're probably wasting our time writing a post. I'm sure the bitch can't read...She probably got the message "just say no"mixed up with "yes I is a Ho".
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R.J. Hartmann 2 hours ago
Oh and a motivation to stay outa jail might be hmm..I have 15 KIDS! He probably didnt even go away for like stealing food for the kids or something, no, it was most likely criminal possession of crack-cocaine or an unregistered hand gun or some other typical shit
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R.J. Hartmann 2 hours ago
Im just as pissed but i gotta ask, did she have them all within like 5 minutes of eachother? Is this lady just like perpetually pregnant? Somebody please take those kids away before one of them robs me in 15 years
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Sara Rennard 3 hours ago
You need to get off YOUR ASS and get a JOB!, there are plenty of FREE day cares around and I know half of those kids should be in school!!! stop living off the government and let those who REALLY NEED IT use it!
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