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Help and Recommended Usage of This Site

The features found on most familiar social network sites and bulletin board blog sites are all combined and available here. Although focuses primarily on governmental issues with the goal of developing constructive solutions, members will be pleased to find additional benefits. Friends, family and colleagues will find topic based discussions and collaborations, that aren't lost in a mix of "wall posts", as familiar social network sites limit.
Find your friends and family and enjoy social interaction, Voice your thoughts, opinions and comment on anything or find and create solutions.

ALL opinions are invited, respected and appreciated here. Our nation was created and has succeeded from our diverse cultures, opinions and backgrounds.

Let's get started....

To utilize this site and have access to all of it's content, please read this entire guide then register. Registration is fast and easy. Once you register, you will receive an email with a link to complete the registration. Simply login and enjoy. If you are not using a publicly accessible computer, you may wish for your login session to be persistent. This will eliminate frequent automatic session log-outs. Be sure your web browser is set to accept "cookies" and to select "Log me on automatically each visit" at the login prompt.
Many features are unavailable to non-members. Newly registered members have most functions available. Full unlimited functionality becomes available to members that have contributed through topic posts or replies.

Alternate Login Method
Alternate login with Facebook.
** Register and create a standard account FIRST **
After registration, setup Facebook in the UCP (User Control Panel) to allow FB login. Pick avatar and profile info sharing if desired.
With FB login enabled, you will not be allowed to login with your original username and password. In order to login with your original username and password again, simply go to the UCP and disable FB login.

Issues may be of concern to members that wish to have their thoughts known for good intention, but not wish to have their identity known. This is a common concern of business owners and others that feel the need of anonymity within our nation for fear of reprisal. Additional user names may be registered and memberships created with one common email address. All registered email addresses are hidden from guests and members.

United States Federal Government and National Issues
There are many concerns today about the health and stability of our nation and the direction it is taking. To talk about these issues and comment on what others are saying, see topics of national interest here. For political and election polls, information and discussion, you'll find these ongoing discussions here, in the Election and Political Discussion Forum.

Making Laws
Commentary and discussion are valuable tools to stimulate thought and create ideas. Although, comments and discussion alone become just talk. If simply commenting and disusing issues is what you prefer, then find that here, in Commentary. If creating real solutions is your desire and goal, The Peoples' Congress is the answer.
Here, in the Peoples' Congress, we:
The results from each vote will be submitted to our elected officials. There will be no doubt, in the minds of our elected officials, as to the real desires of the people. Unhampered by political parties, red-tape and other barriers that drive government business to a halt, the Peoples' solutions are real and very powerful. The Peoples' Congress. Make a difference! Please participate and contribute.

State and Local Government
For issues specific to state and local matters select your state here and post your thoughts. If your concern is a local issue and your city or county is not listed within your state, please request it's inclusion by sending a Private Message or an Email with your details.

What's On You Mind?
Maybe there are things on your mind about other topics that really don't have anything to do with government. This is the place to talk about anything else. See what others are saying. What's on your mind?

Subscriptions and Email Alerts
If you started a topic or have discovered one of interest, you may subscribe to the topic thread and receive email notices whenever replies are posted. Entire forums may be subscribed to, however, this may cause a great deal of email traffic with content in topics that may not be of interest to you. Bookmarking a topic is another alternative. By bookmarking a topic, you may quickly find and return to see updates. Bookmarks do not watch for updates (as do subscriptions) and will not notice you by email of topic updates. Select bookmark or subscribe by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of each topic page. Manage bookmarks or subscriptions from the UCP.

Social Networking
Available to those members that enjoy real-time conversation, sharing ideas and events, you can Go Social!on the Activity Page. Here, you can create a list of friends and control who has access to the information you submit. In addition, members have two methods of real-time chat available. The first method, "Mini Chat", provides an open forum to all members to collaborate. The second method, located on the bottom right of your screen, is a one-on-one private chat limited to only those in your "friends list". Select the method best suited to your needs.
6970As a newly added feature (still in development), members are invited to our video conferencing area located on the Go Social!Activity Page page.

Photo Albums
Registered users may create personal photo albums to share or be used as a repository of images to link within topic posts. Sub-albums may be created to better assist in the organization of photo subjects. Manage albums and their related permissions and options within the UCP (User Control Panel). Other management tasks may be performed by selecting the "moderate" link while viewing your photos. Photos may also be added to the "Site Album". All photos placed here are visible to anyone visiting the site.

Managing Friends and Foes
Managing friends and foes makes it easy to share your information, topic posts, photos and discussions with those you like or not with those you don't. Manage these options within the UCP (User Control Panel).

Audio and video media may be attached or linked / embedded to share and or be used as a repository to link within post topics. All media is welcome with the exception of those of a greatly offensive content or that are intellectual property protected under U.S. Copyright Laws. Any media found with these exceptions will be removed and the "post author" warned.

ImageSolicitation, with a perceived intent to profit, of web sites, products, services or of any other content not directly related to this site's nature, is strictly prohibited on this site. Any content submitted to this site of this nature, within personal profile information or topic posts, will be deleted and the member permanently banned without warning.

Additional Help Resources
For additional questions and help needs, please post them here for answers from other members, site administrators or moderators. For general and basic information about how to use this site, please refer to the FAQ resources.

The work to help others is never done. If you have the time and ability, please answer help questions of others to better assist in their ability to participate and contribute.

Enjoy Let's work together to make a difference!
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